Publication & Awards

Conference Proceedings

Unless publication is explicitly waived by the author(s) at the time of paper submission, long papers accepted for presentation at the Conference will be published online in the Conference Proceedings and copyrighted with ISBN and DOI codes.

The short papers presented in specific Conference sessions will be published online in a separate volume of Conference Proceedings and copyrighted with an ISBN.

Conference Proceedings will be published in open access form on the Sinergie-SIMA Management Conference website after the Conference.

At least one author of long or short papers must present the research output during the Conference parallel sessions.

Failure to present will result being excluded from the Conference Proceedings.

Publication in Sinergie Italian Journal of Management

A limited number of the papers could be invited after the Conference to be included in a 2025 special issue of Sinergie Italian Journal of Management.

Further publication opportunities

We anticipate that a number of the papers presented at the Conference will be eligible for submission to other journals.

Business case studies will be eligible for publication on Pearson web platform.

The Conference website will provide information on further publication opportunities. More to come soon!

Awards and recognitions

The long and short papers will be awarded based on reviewers’ evaluations. In particular, the three best long papers of the Conference will be acknowledged by the Scientific Committee with an award during the closing session of the Conference. Fourteen mentions (one for each of the Thematic Tracks) will be acknowledged by the track chairs during the specific track session. In case of incompatibility situations for the assignment of the mention to the short papers, the final decision will be left to one or two members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference chosen for research competence in relation to the thematic track itself.

All papers (short and long) participate in the awards, regardless of whether (or not) they will be published in the proceedings of the Conference.

In addition to awarding with a plaque the Journal’s Best Reviewer, a mention for the Conference’s Outstanding Reviewers will be awarded with a mention.

All the participants to the Conference can present long or short papers, regardless of the role held in the organization of the Conference itself. In the case of an author involved in one of the Conference Committees, SIMA and Sinergie ensure a transparent and fair evaluation by implementing an ad-hoc blind peer review process.


Sinergie-Sima Management Conference will positively seek to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. As Conference organizers, we will promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the Conference, including keynote and featured speakers, roundtables and, in the composition of the Organizing and Scientific Committee.