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For many generations, Milan has been the birthplace of vibrant new ideas about fashion, art, industry and finance. From imposing gothic structures to challenging contemporary art, centuries of creativity live here. Italy's financial capital is a blend of history and modernity, towering structures and picturesque parks, exclusive performances and free concerts and events.

From its cafe culture to its vibrant late-night atmosphere, Milan is a truly social city. Enjoy an afternoon espresso with friends, welcome the evening with drinks in a piazza, or see out the night in one of the city's clubs or bars.

Getting Around

For free public transport and discounts to tourist attractions, shops and restaurants, visitors new to Milan should consider the MilanoCard city pass. The cards are valid for 24, 48 and 72 hours, and can be purchased online. Milan has convenient and inexpensive bus and tram links to every corner of the city, or you can catch one of four metro lines – the fastest way to get around. The major train stations are all connected on the subway at system, as are most main attractions, including concert halls, theaters and the stadium.

A congestion fee to enter the town center Monday-Friday reduces auto traffic there during the week, and the center is crossed by an extensive pedestrian zone that’s great for sightseeing, window shopping and just hanging out. One way to start your Milanese adventure is by hopping on a bicycle from the bike-sharing stands near campus. An easy way to get around the city is by subscribing to a car sharing service: find the nearest car, drive it, park it and leave it. Users are often charged only for the minutes of travel: fuel and parking are both included. And the Area C congestion charge in Milan are also included with car sharing programs. Find out more about car sharing here

Getting Away

Living in Milan gives you easy access to trail hiking, biking and skiing without having to travel for days. The city boasts excellent transport links with other major Italian and European cities, and three airports connect the city to the entire world.

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