29-30 June 2023


Best paper awards of the Sinergie-SIMA 2023 Management Conference

Are consumers’ food purchase intentions impacted by blockchain technology? - Elisa Martinelli and Francesca De Canio

Unpacking the drivers of the socio-environmental sustainability of new ventures: Insights from innovative digital start-ups in Italy - Leonardo Mazzoni and Silvia Rita Sedita

Can authenticity be built? Looking for factors that influence authentic brand activism - Antonella Cammarota, Francesca Avallone, Vittoria Marino and Riccardo Resciniti

Selected paper awards of the Sinergie-SIMA 2023 Management Conference

Business model innovation and ambidexterity in Industry 4.0 - Marco Paiola - Roberto Grandinetti - Francesco Schiavone

Digital entrepreneurial ecosystems: An empirical contribution using SMAA - Alessia Munnia - Salvatore Corrente - James Cunningham - Melita Nicotra - Marco Romano

Digital platform ecosystems: A multi-layer analysis of their emergence in rural areas - Giovanna Terrizzi - Alba Marino - Maria Cristina Cinici - Daniela Baglieri

Exploring the drivers of sustainable transformation in corporations: Deliberate change or unconscious shift? - Margherita Milotta

How sustainable is smart farming? The contribution of service platforms to innovate Italian agribusinesses - Maria Vincenza Ciasullo - Marco Savastano - Alexander Douglas - Miriana Ferrara - Simone Fiorentino

Human resource development and artificial intelligence in the view of personal development: A literature review and bibliometric analysis - Francesco Laviola - Nicola Cucari - Harry Novic

Reaching the SDGs by 2030: At what point is Italy? Evidence from firms at the regio

nal clusters’ level
- Raffaella Montera - Salvatore Esposito De Falco

Conference Short Papers’ Mentions

Can a banking relationship with strong local roots influence the entrepreneurship of spinoffs? - Francesco Fasano, Maurizio La Rocca, Maria Carmela Passarelli and Alfio Cariola

SIMA thematic group: Entrepreneurship

The impact of technological improvements in the agri-food sector: A literature review from a managerial perspective - Alberto Massacci, Meriam Trabelsi, Elena Casprini, Tommaso Pucci and Lorenzo Zanni

SIMA thematic group: Innovation and technology management

The role of country-of-origin in the relationship between sustainability and consumers’ willingness to pay for a brand - Maria Gabriela Montanari, Michela Matarazzo and Adamantios Diamantopoulos

SIMA thematic group: International business

Coping strategies and corrective actions to address consumer vulnerability in the digital context: A systematic literature review - Veronica Capone, Letizia Lo Presti and Giulio Maggiore

SIMA thematic group: Marketing

Enhancing proactivity with digitalization in the shopfloor: The role of the organizational context, Ambra Galeazzo, Andrea Furlan, Luca Vendraminelli and Andrea Vinelli

SIMA thematic group: Supply chain management, logistics & operations
La collaborazione locale come driver all‘innovazione sostenibile: uno studio esplorativo sugli attori chiave nel settore agroalimentare - Nora Annesi and Valentina Cucino

Conference track: Rediscovering local roots and interactions in management

Hospitals in rural areas: what differences in the patient populations and perception of the service quality? - Elisa Peruzzo, Sabina De Rosis, Gaia Bertarelli and Sabina Nuti

SIMA thematic group: Retailing and service management

Innovative SMEs, Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance: An empirical analysis in Italy - Valeria Schifilliti and Elvira Tiziana La Rocca

SIMA thematic group: Small and family business

When, Where and What of Corporate Purpose: a bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer - Martina Tafuro and Andrea Piccaluga

SIMA thematic group: Strategy & governance

Sustainability driven mimetic isomorphism in organizational fields’ configuration - Amir Maghssudipour

SIMA thematic group: Sustainability
Best reviewer award of the Sinergie Italian Journal of Management Birgit Hagen, University of Pavia

Conference Outstanding Reviewers

Zerbini Cristina, University of Parma

Casprini Elena, University of Siena

De Masi Sara, University of Florence

Vigolo Vania, University of Verona

Vollero Agostino, University of Salerno

Baima Gabriele, University of Tourin

Abbate Tindara, University of Messina

Campo Raffaele, University of Bari

Cappa Francesco, LUISS University of Rome

Cobelli Nicola, University of Verona

La Rocca Maurizio, University of Calabria

Liberato lo Conte Davide, Sapienza University of Rome

Dimanche Frederic, Toronto Metropolitan University

Blasi Silvia, University of Verona

Colamartino Chiara, LUM University

di Paola Nadia, Federico II University of Naples

Martiny Alice, Sant'Anna School of Pisa

Murtarelli Grazia, IULM University

Perano Mirko, University of Salerno

Serravalle Francesca, University of Tourin

Magnani Giovanna, University of Pavia


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